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Friday,15 May 2015

What Is Content Marketing?

If you're confused and asking the question what is content marketing you're not alone. Read on and by the end of this short article you'll know all you need to know.

Friday,6 March 2015

Great Content Just Keeps On Giving

We've been preaching about the business benefits of creating great content for years. This week something happened that brought home to me why this stands true and should be considered by pretty much every business across every niche.

Wednesday,1 May 2013

A Common SEO Question Answered

How Much Will It Cost?

Almost daily we get emails and phone calls from people asking how much it will cost to make their website No.1 in Google. Being on the inside looking out it's easy to be dismissive and roll your eyes in despair. However from the outside looking in it's a reasonable question to ask.

Tuesday,23 April 2013

The Very Best SEO Tool Available

A recent post in a business forum I frequent asked the question, what are the best free SEO tools? The replies listed all the usual suspects so I threw something less expected into the mix. My suggestion? A text editor and your brain. Many moons ago I wrote a post titled The Best Free Link Building Software in fact if you search using the phrase best free link building software you'll see it ranks quite well and brings traffic to this blog daily.

Sunday,14 April 2013

Get More From Your Google Searches

Most of us use Google every day and for many it can be a frustrating exercise trawling through irrelevant search results before finding what you need. Power users don't have this trouble, they know how to get what they need quickly by laser targeting their searches and here I'll show you, in plain English, how to do the same.

Saturday,13 April 2013

I Need Quality Links

Following on from my last post about link building I'm going to say a few more words about the thorny subject of quality links and how to secure them.

Sunday,7 April 2013

Search Engine Success Starts By Thinking

Search Engine Optimisation constantly evolves, but this doesn't mean you need to constantly change your website to stay on the right side of Google. Rather it means the good guys are slowly winning out over the bad. Let me explain.

Thursday,4 April 2013

Hello Social Media People, Buy Stuff From Me!

I was browsing a Linked In group I'm part of and musing at the lack of engagement on some, what I thought were, quite interesting topics. Scrolling down the page I noticed a post from someone with a title that loosely said "Buy Stuff From Me". I see this kind of thing a lot and I'm concerned people are just not getting social media.

Wednesday,27 March 2013

Social Media Virgin? Don't Be Scared, Get Stuck In!

I regularly get asked to speak to groups of businesses about social media. It usually spills into a general chat about social media, search marketing and everything in between. One common theme when speaking to these groups (and feel free to ask me to speak to your business group) is confusion and fear. People are confused about what to do and they fear doing the wrong thing. There's also a general feeling that ignoring social media is a plausible strategy. If this is where you are, read on for some plain English help and advice.

Sunday,13 January 2013

Thanks, But Before We Begin...

There's a danger this post could come across all wrong so I'll start by saying we LOVE helping businesses get more from the web, we want to you talk about your project and we guarantee a chat with us will help you take your project forward. So for a moment suspend your 'being offended' gene and read this in the spirit in which it's intended. Then call us for friendly chat about your project on 01224 443551!