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Wednesday,18 November 2015

Content Marketing For B2B


Whenever business owners hear about 'content marketing', 'social media' and 'social content' they immediately write it off as 'not for them'. It is very common to hear the comment “well that stuff is better suited to consumer facing companies” however this is a huge misconception. Whatever you call it at its purest form any format of content marketing is a form of customer relationship marketing or CRM.

Monday,9 November 2015

Client Vs Content


As a digital agency there are many challenges which we face when working with our clients. However, the main blockade that we always come up against is focused around the topic of content.

Tuesday,3 November 2015

Branding: Translating your Brand Online

Branding has always been one of the most important aspects of marketing, right back to when advertising was first invented, and even before, when the brand on your cattle meant that everyone knew where they came from, and therefore how well they had been raised. There are many, many definitions of branding, but, for me, the one that sums it up best is still David Ogilvy's.

Friday,30 October 2015

The Multi-disciplined Marketing Strategy

Over the past 25 years we've seen so many drastic changes in our lives. From how we work to how we communicate and socialise, technological advances over this relatively short period of time have revolutionised our world and how we operate in it.

Monday,26 October 2015

Landing Pages and Their Role in Customer Conversion

What are landing pages, and why are they so important in the path to customer conversion?

Well firstly, I’ll tell you what they're not, they’re not a road to the land of plenty, but they’re a pretty good and well-trodden path there. It's an ace up the marketing magician’s sleeve combining the skills of designers, developers and content creators as well as marketers and sales people for a beautiful AND functional design. Creating one can be broken down pretty much as follows:

Sunday,25 October 2015

It's All About Lead Generation

Quite a lot of the website review requests we get are from businesses who are being a tad optimistic. Now don't get me wrong, I'm one of life's eternal optimists and thinking positive is a great asset, but don't confuse that with doing the right thing. Business to business lead generation is tough and getting tougher and to succeed you need a plan.

Wednesday,21 October 2015

Why Content Is Still King


Whether you work in digital marketing, a web agency or as an in-house marketing and communications manager you know that content is still king when it comes to any marketing campaign strategy. As technology has evolved consumers are less and less tolerant of advertising, they pay for software or upgrade their streaming accounts so they can skip the adverts in-between their tv shows, stop pop-ups or intrusive ads online and join mailing lists to prevent leaflets and 'letter drops' being posted through their doors. With this in mind marketers must face up to the challenge of producing something which is not only efficient and effective in communicating the product or service provided by their company but also engaging enough to attract AND KEEP consumers.

Wednesday,7 October 2015

How does Inbound Marketing work for the Oil and Gas Service Sector?

When you think of oil and gas marketing, do you think of huge exhibition stands, glossy brochures, flashy advertising posters and lavish corporate hospitality? This may have been the case in the (even very recent) past, but now it seems that whether temporarily or permanently, the big budgets are shrinking. High profile, conspicuous profile-building activities no longer seem appropriate. At the same time, the market is becoming more competitive, with less business to go around. So, what do you do?

Thursday,1 October 2015

Good design can help your marketing campaigns connect to more customers

If you've ever run an online or offline marketing campaign or are thinking about running one in the near future, you're probably thinking about what your campaign will offer at a first glance to potential clients, but once they have landed on your campaign, how do you keep them engaged and eager to find out more?

Tuesday,22 September 2015

Are You Blocking Adverts?

In a recent article on the BBC website David Frew, senior programmes manager for the Internet Advertising Bureau trade body said, "Ad blocking is a threat to the whole advertising industry". He went on to say "It's possibly heralding the end of online advertising in its current form".

Tuesday,15 September 2015

13 Tips for Marketing in a Downturn

Following my previous blog post about why it is so important to keep on marketing in a downturn, here are some tips, in no particular order, for how to make the most of your marketing in a recession or when times are tough.

Monday,24 August 2015

How to Build a Lead Generation Website

How to build a lead generation website. Well, strap yourselves in because this is going to be fun and hopefully something of a voyage of discovery!

Monday,17 August 2015

Great Content is a Perfect Link Building Technique!

perfect link building technique It's quite revealing that people still ask us if we can "place links" for them as in "where do I put links for link building?" I say it's revealing because it shows they're aware, at some level, of the importance of links - but at the same time the fact they think placing links will do the trick implies it's a concept they've not quite grasped. Let's discuss.

Monday,10 August 2015

Why Marketing is Even More Important during a Downturn

Here in Aberdeen we dodged the worst of the recession in recent years but have now felt the force of the reduction in the oil price and the accompanying budget cuts. One of the first budgets to be slashed is usually the marketing budget, but that is a BIG mistake. Here's why.

Wednesday,5 August 2015

What Is Link Building - An Explanation For Everyone

Over the last few days, I've read a few articles about link building and it seems some people are STILL confused about this key aspect of website success. If that's you this article will provide the bridge between the sometimes impenetrable language used by people who know about this stuff and the rest of the world.