Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Content Marketing For B2B


Whenever business owners hear about 'content marketing', 'social media' and 'social content' they immediately write it off as 'not for them'. It is very common to hear the comment “well that stuff is better suited to consumer facing companies” however this is a huge misconception. Whatever you call it at its purest form any format of content marketing is a form of customer relationship marketing or CRM.

So Why Is CRM Important?

As any business owner will know it is much more profitable to retain existing clients than the intensive marketing investment that is needed to attract new clients. Most business owners know that CRM is and should be central to every companies business strategy however what many companies fail to do is to allocate CRM tasks the appropriate amount of time and effort in order to do it successfully. So why is CRM so important in business? Put simply good CRM is what will attract new clients and keep existing ones, it is what will differentiate you from your competitors and keep people coming back to you again and again.

So What Is B2B Content CRM?

B2B content marketing or 'content CRM' can take a wide range of forms however the most common include:

  • newsletters

  • email campaigns

  • blog

  • website content

These formats are ideal for B2B because these allow a company to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and outline what separates them from their competitors. Many companies choose to then share this information through other 'business' social platforms such as LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.

So what type of content is B2B content? Typically B2B content covers/includes the following areas:

  • Promotions and vouchers for return business/clients

  • Outlining what makes you as a company different from your competitors

  • Detailing new products or services which are about to or have just launched

  • Create interest in and around their business and what they do

  • Discuss current industry trends and use this as an opportunity to educate potential and existing clients how this will affect

So What Do I Need To Remember?

In summary to do any form of content marketing you must make sure to allow for the time and effort that this sort of activity requires in order to do it successfully. As a company don't be afraid to share the 'content load' and delegate and share the writing, management and follow up of any form of communication between the company and its potential and existing clients. Just like any form of social and content marketing engagement and interaction is key.

Use this as an opportunity to educate your clients, show that you are an authority in your industry, you understand what is going on and are up to date with all the new trends and evolutions in technology. This will offer them reassurance that you know what you are doing, you have your finger on the pulse and understand that regardless of what industry you work in it is continually evolving and your not going to just sit back and rest on your laurels.

Most importantly, don't forget that you still need that human element as with any form of marketing. Adding that human interaction shows that you are prepared to take the time to talk, listen and understand your clients wants and needs. Still confused? Talk with us today about how we can help you implement a content strategy.

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