Friday, 6 March 2015

Great Content Just Keeps On Giving

We've been preaching about the business benefits of creating great content for years. This week something happened that brought home to me why this stands true and should be considered by pretty much every business across every niche.

seo-man-explains-seoWhy SEOMan Is So Popular

Our SEOMan Explains SEO cartoon has been popular right from the minute we published it. It's simple, to the point and for lots of business folk that's pretty much all they want, the skinny on SEO.

Since the day it was published, several years ago, through to today it brings great traffic and enquiries into our business. In addition, it's been used by organisations who've asked for permission to use it in other publications, and that's what this short post's about.

More Good Stuff From SEOMan

Yeserday we received this request:

"XXX XXXXX here from in San Francisco. I’m one of our staff writers. We’re a US charity that helps NGOs develop their IT. We’d like to do a piece on SEO that includes your SEO Explained Comic Strip for our newsletter (130,000 subscribers). This would be a non-commercial piece and of course we’d be clear that it’s your comic strip. We’d include a bit about particularly your SEO tips newsletter."

So let's recap what's going on here. Some content we wrote some years ago, that's brought us a heap of great business already, is now going to be published to 130k subscribers of a newsletter from a credible organisation. Wow! Just WOW!!

Givers Gain!

What this shows is that with great web content givers gain or put another way, if you give people great content or advice it can often pay back, even years later. If you solve someone's problem, in this case confusion with respect to SEO, you become the guys who know about SEO. Simple, right?

So Get Cracking On Your Content!

So the next time you're thinking, does anyone actually read this content I'm slogging over, remind yourself that all things being equal it will eventually pay back, assuming it's great content of course!

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