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How To Get New Customers Using Your Website

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Your website has the power to help you grow and transform your business by delivering a steady flow of leads or new enquiries. However, for many businesses, this just doesn't happen. In this article, we'll look at why this is the case and how to fix it.

Why Some Sites Get Business From Google

If a website has the following ingredients it will generate enquiries.

  1. A page 1 Google™ ranking for a search phrase people use. For example "what is search engine optimisation?".
  2. Compelling content on the page the search engine result links to. This content should engage and help the visitor.
  3. A call to action encouraging further engagement. This might be an e-book or an offer of a free consultation. Either way, it puts you in contact with the prospect.

searching on phone.jpgSo, thinking about the user this is what might, in a perfect world, happen.

  1. A person has a problem which they finally decide they need some help to solve. Like most people, they turn to Google and search for answers.
  2. They see a link in the search results to a page on your website that ranks on page one and seems to be offering them a solution or some insight. They click the link.
  3. They read your compelling content, or watch a video, and realise you understand their problem and have a solution. At this point, they may start to consider calling or emailing you. If they do you've got a lead.

The problem is, for many businesses this just doesn't happen and although it could be any of the steps that are missing, it's very often all of them.

  1. They have no decent search engine rankings.
  2. This is because their content is poor.
  3. So they never get the opportunity to engage with potential clients.

It Starts By Understanding Your Market and Buyers

When we're retained by clients to help them generate leads online we start by developing a detailed understanding of their market and ideal customers. Ultimately it's people, not machines, searching Google for answers and this means your content has to be created for people. This might seem like an odd thing to suggest, but you'd be surprised how many people still create content for search engines, whatever that means. 

When you know who your ideal customers are, and you've done some research to establish the words they type into Google, known as keyword research, you're well placed to create a plan of attack.

What People Do Instead

The things is, however obvious all this might seem, it's actually a long way removed from what people actually do, which is;

  1. Build a website putting all their effort into the look and feel instead of the content.
  2. Create pages that only talk about what they do instead of providing helpful advice.
  3. Convince themselves the reason they're not getting traffic is because their Search Engine Optimisation is broken.

They then head off to Google and type in what is SEO or something similar, talk to us and realise the website they spent a fortune on isn't the website they should have built. Believe me - this is really common.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving


We know people are sceptical about creating helpful websites and don't believe it's the way forward. They worry about giving their competitors valuable information, they fret about giving away state secrets and mostly, they can't be bothered understanding their customers' issues. The thing is, how will people differentiate you from your competitors if you all just say "We sell widgets, buy widgets from us".

Trust me when I say that the companies writing about "How To Choose the Perfect Widget" or "10 Things Every Widget Buyer Needs To Know" or perhaps "How To Spot A Fake Widget" are the companies selling the most widgets, and they care not a jot about their competition. The fact is, their competition are spending all their time trying to work out why they are not attracting customers from Google.

Next Steps

As we've said before, you're always about six to nine months away from securing new business from Google search. You can fast track this to some extent by choosing a great inbound marketing agency to help you but it takes time. Every day, week or month spent prevaricating is time wasted but more importantly, it's another day, week or month of clear blue water between you and your competitor who's embraced and is nailing this approach to lead generation.

Over to you.

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