Friday, 7 April 2017

Knowing About SEO Is Frustrating


Here at Red Evolution towers, we know about SEO or search engine optimisation. We know it's a massive slog to secure solid Google™ rankings, we know there are no shortcuts and we know how desperate some businesses are to improve how their websites perform in Google. Knowing all this can, at times, feel like a burden.

For us, one of the most frustrating things we have to deal with, pretty much daily, are the calls and emails from businesses looking for help when it's clear they haven't got the budget to hire us. Part of the frustration comes from knowing there are plenty of shysters out there who will take their meagre budgets, deliver pretty much nothing of value leaving them in an even worse situation.

Embrace The Reality of Creating Great Google Rankings

marathon-tattie.pngWhen we're contacted by businesses who haven't got the budget to hire us we don't just send then away. We want them to succeed and we want them to embrace the reality of the work required to turn their websites into lead generation machines by attracting search traffic, the right search traffic. We're a business too and we understand the challenges of running a business, we get it.

We also get how search engine optimisation seems as though it's shrouded in mystery, but it really shouldn't be. As we tell people every day, it's not hard but it is hard work. Digging your garden over isn't hard, but it is hard work, running a marathon isn't hard but it is hard work. Do you see where I'm coming from?

In 2017 SEO is about creating a useful website. Sure it needs to be well structured, your pages need to be optimised and making sure it's fast helps, but more than anything it needs to be useful.


Create A Website That Helps And Engages Your Audience

In their search for Google domination many, perhaps most, businesses fail to grasp one simple truth. Websites that rank are, in general, websites that deserve to rank. Does that make sense? I'll say it again, websites that rank are, in general, websites that deserve to rank.

In the 21st century, the web has become most people's go-to resource when they have a problem, are considering a purchase or simply want some information.

So, ask yourself this: how many of your web pages answer a question, solve a problem or assist people with their research? Now, on the flip side of that, how many of your web pages tell people, in one way or another, how great you are? 

Most businesses approach the web in the wrong way. They start with the mistaken belief that people will take the time to read their marketing guff. For goodness sake most people don't even watch beautifully produced TV adverts these days, they certainly won't be spending their precious time reading your website unless it's going to help them. There it is again, that HELP word.


Go Easy On The Selling Pages

We'd never suggest you don't need pages on your website that tell people what you do, but it's unlikely they will be the lead generating pages. It's unlikely they will be the first port of call when people are at the start of their buyer journey.

Striking the balance between the number of pages on your website that tell the world what you do with pages that show the world you know what you're talking about is the key to search engine success.

People share useful web pages, they tweet about them, they link to them on facebook,if they run a blog they link to them from blog posts. Your selling pages are not likely to get this sort of attention.

Start by understanding your ideal customers, make sure you know what problems they're trying to solve, what they search for and the type of content they like to consume. Then create it. It's not hard but it is hard work which is why hiring an inbound marketing agency like us needs a decent budget.

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