Friday, 7 July 2017

SEO Is About Useful Content, Not Keywords

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Julie explains in this video why doing clever stuff with keywords is not what SEO is all about. GoogleTM wants to give its users the best possible experience, which means ensuring that they find exactly what they are searching for. For you, this means providing useful content that addresses their problems.

We are asked at least once a week if we can do some SEO to the back end of someone's website, by which people mean often mean adding keywords to their website with the purpose of getting them to the top of Google. If only it were that easy!

Give Them What They Are Looking For

Google no longer works like that, and may even penalise your site if that's what you do. To be the best search engine in the world, Google needs to provide the people searching with the information they are searching for. 

If you are worried about maintaining your fancy piece of engineering equipment you might search for "How to maintain a fancy piece of equipment". If the search results show you a site that only says...

We maintain fancy equipment in Edinburgh

We maintain fancy equipment in London

We maintain fancy equipment in Newcastle

We sell fancy equipment

that's not very useful and it's not what they are searching for, so Google is not going to pay it much attention,

If, however, your page explains very clearly how to maintain a fancy piece of equipment then it's useful to the person searching and Google has done a good job.

In addition, if the searcher finds your content helpful, they are more likely to come back to you when they are ready to get their equipment maintained. 

Everyone wins! That approach is much more likely to get your website to move up in the rankings than sneaky tricks and sleight of hand.




In summary, if you understand your potential customers and provide the information that they are looking for at that stage in their decision making process, then three things happen:

  • Google provides a great user experience
  • The potential customer finds what they are looking for
  • You get to show off your expertise and start a relationship with a potential customer

Put like that it seems very simple.


What is Content Marketing?


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