Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Web Based Lead Generation Doesn't Just Happen

wet-face.jpgAs I write this on the 3rd January 2017 the New Year is here, the Christmas festivities are a fading memory and that "thing" you never quite got round to last year, well it's still a thing and it still needs doing. I'm referring, of course, to addressing your poorly performing website and the fact it does nothing for your business.

Web Based Lead Gen Starts With Acceptance

In our experience, success with web-based lead generation is a journey. In the beginning, simply recognising your website is not fit for purpose is the most important thing. Most people struggle with this.

The problem is, an unwillingness to accept money's been wasted and the website you thought was kick ass is nothing more than an expensive vanity project. In most cases, a business's website can only be considered a success if it generates leads and sales. It's that simple.

Being even more brutal, the website you want is almost certainly not the website you need. Think about that for a moment.

So, the first thing to do is to establish just what your website's actually doing for your business, if anything. This is going to make it easier to figure out what you need. What you need not what you want.

What Is Your Website Doing For Your Business?

If you've got a sales team you can start by asking them how much business your website generates. If they can't tell you, you need to think about hiring a better sales team. If you've got a marketing team, ask them how much traffic your website gets and the search terms it ranks for in Google and the other search engines. Again, if they can't tell you, you need to ask yourself if they're the right people to drive your company's marketing efforts and consider engaging with an inbound marketing agency.

In the absence of either a sales or marketing team, you can use a tool such as SEM Rush to establish what your site ranks for and how much of the right kind of traffic it's securing. If you're feeling brave you can also punch in the details of your competitors to see how they're doing but be warned, that can be a sobering experience if they're being proactive while you've been prevaricating.

So What Next?

Like most things in business, when you come up against something you don't understand you can either roll up your sleeves and learn how to do it or hire someone who does. Clearly, we believe you'd be better off hiring an expert inbound marketing agency like us, but you can take the DIY route. Our blog is full of great inbound marketing advice you can take and use.

The thing is, what are you not going to do for your business, while you're becoming an inbound marketing expert? 

One thing's for sure. As we've made clear, most businesses are six to nine months from inbound success and sometimes longer. As the New Year gets underway, or whatever time of year it is, make a start and stop prevaricating.

What is Content Marketing?

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