Monday, 21 December 2015

16 Marketing Ideas to Try in 2016

16 Marketing Ideas to Try in 2016

New Year is a great time to start afresh and try something new. Here are some ideas to try next year. Build a few of them into your marketing plan for 2016.

  1. Try a new social media channel - figure out what your potential customers use and be there
  2. Find an industry influencer and get them to mention you
  3. Arrange to meet one twitter contact for coffee
  4. Make a video blog
  5. Use Canva to make a sharable image
  6. Send a tailored press release to the most important industry or local publication
  7. Send a useful piece of information to your customers every month
  8. Send an actual card, by post, to say thank you to someone
  9. Write an e-book
  10. Develop a content calendar
  11. Try Facebook advertising
  12. Do a talk - offer your services as a guest speaker as an industry conference
  13. Send a questionnaire
  14. Call a client and ask them what they think of your business and service
  15. Write a guest blog post
  16. Attend an exhibition - and make at least 3 new contacts

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