Monday, 20 June 2011

3 Key Trends Behind Online Retailing Success

The National Retail Federation recently reported that retail in general was worth $462 Billion a year in revenue with $32.6Billion of this directly related to online retailing and this figure is only set to rise further.

As we become an increasingly 'plugged in' society online retailing has no other direction to go but up so with this in mind it is essential for retail business to keep up with increasing demand while continuing to offer 'more' to their potential and existing consumers.

However fear not ! There are 3 key trends which seem to be emerging from this growth in popularity and demand in online retailing which if met will put you and your business on the right track to success. These trends are:

  • Use of Video
  • Importance of Mobility
  • Personalised Shopping experiences.

I will be creating tailored posts for each of these topics for the rest of this week so keep your eyes posted.

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