Monday, 19 May 2008

5 Tips for Creating a 5 Tips List

Building a 5 tips list is a great way to establish yourself as a guru. Follow these 5 tips to make sure your 5 tips build you into an online super star.

  1. Make sure your tips have no basis in fact, just make them up. If you make them up nobody can check them and this will make people think you are so far ahead of the pack you MUST be a guru.
  2. Make sure your tips are so generalised they can't possibly be implemented. If people can't implement your tips they will never know they are meaningless nonsense. You can't fail to set your stall out as a true leader if you follow this advice.
  3. Refer to the latest beta release of the latest social networking software as if you've been using it for years. Make sure you write in a way that makes others feel inadequate. Make them feel ashamed that they haven't even heard of it even though it's only got four active users and one of those is your dog.
  4. Make your tips interesting. People love interesting content. The web needs interesting content. If your tips are interesting you can't fail!
  5. If in doubt simply copy another 5 tips list and change it a bit.

I hope this helps and I sure look forward to reading your 5 tips list now I've shared my top secret formula.



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