Friday, 18 April 2008

A Message for Online Shop Owners

Although I run a web development and SEO company I'm still just a normal consumer. I still shop on-line like everybody else and I still suffer at the hands of ill thought out sites. Believe it or not I don't always analyse the sites I'm visiting, at least not if they deliver what I'm looking for.

I play in a band and I'm a big fan of the Flix line of drum sticks (brushes to be precise). Having visited several shops who didn't have the stick I wanted, I decided to buy on-line. This is an account of what happened.

  1. Went to Google and searched for flix drum sticks.
  2. Number 1 was the company's own website so I visited it.
  3. No joy, they don't sell direct.
  4. Back to Google.
  5. PPC advert offering 'Low Cost Drum Sticks' caught my eye so I clicked it.
  6. I clicked on to the site where there was an advert for Flix brushes so I clicked it.
  7. Bingo, the full range.
  8. Price was £12.99 delivered. I liked the delivered bit. That's good, they are £16.00 in the shops.
  9. I added the stick I wanted to my cart and clicked checkout.
  10. I provided my details and selected next day delivery for an extra £1.99 (I'm impatient).
  11. The sticks arrived the next day.

To me this was a perfect on-line transaction. I didn't have to create an account. I knew right up front what the delivered price was and was given the opportunity to pay a little more to get the sticks quickly.

There's no real point to this post other than to relate exactly what happened. To me is was a text book transaction.



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