Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Don't Be A (W)Anchor Over Anchor Text

If you are reading this you are interested in SEO. If you are interested in SEO you'll know what anchor text is. When securing links to your website the anchor text of the link can be important. I say can be because it's clear it's not just about the anchor text, the page content plays its part too.

If you think about it, tons of links using very specific anchor text are 100% unnatural. This is because a natural link profile will be created by website owners linking naturally. They will use phrases like, this, here, this website, this web page, click here etc, not buy cheap flights, get an insurance quote or best florist in Basingstoke.

In theory they should use phrases that describe the page or content they are linking to, that is to say the W3C would like them to do that (kind of), but in practice people don't.

It's a fair bet Google et al know natural link profiles are not stuffed with keyword rich anchor text so if you want Google to trust your web pages you might want to consider this.

To test the theory we carried out some link building on our own site. We found an excess of keyword rich links had a negative impact on the page we were experimenting with. It's not conclusive proof but we're pretty convinced.

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