Monday, 14 April 2008

Bad SEO Practitioners Suck

There are SEO strategies that fail. There are SEO projects that go wrong. There are SEO's that go out on a limb to try and tackle a tough problem, some succeed some don't.

I have no issue with these guys. In my book they are trying to help their clients. Where I do struggle however is when people claim to have the answers yet their own sites suggest perhaps they don't.

I was reading a thread in a forum the other day where a website owner was asking for advice. There was the usual smattering of good stuff mixed with opinion and everything in between. I followed a sig link to one posters site as they were offering SEO, link building, site audits etc and I wanted to know more. Now bear in mind this person was telling the world that he/she is the person who can audit sites, fix issues, get links and tell you where you are going wrong. Although other posters were offering advice this person was touting for business.

His/her site.....

Title tags - the same on every page
Meta description tags - none existent
Meta keywords (I know but what the hell) - none existent
On page tagging (H1s etc) - none existent
Inbound links - eh.... let's just say less than 10 (quite a lot less)
Site construction - table based
Canonical issues - you bet

How can this be? It's easy for a site claiming to be experts to get some stuff wrong and I know SEO is an ever changing subject but I was dismayed and worried to think people whose own house is in such disarray have the brass neck to suggest they are the people to sort other people's websites out. Before you say ah yes, they are obviously very busy, don't, please, just don't. I'm not talking about the latest grey hat SEO techniques here, I'm talking about absolute fundamental SEO basics.

In my world getting the basics in place is your starter for ten, just like creating great content and using great design techniques. This stuff isn't a nice to have, it's a must have and anyone who's getting it so wrong on their own site sure as hell shouldn't be offering to fix others.



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