Sunday, 25 October 2015

It's All About Lead Generation

Quite a lot of the website review requests we get are from businesses who are being a tad optimistic. Now don't get me wrong, I'm one of life's eternal optimists and thinking positive is a great asset, but don't confuse that with doing the right thing. Business to business lead generation is tough and getting tougher and to succeed you need a plan.

Make The Effort and You'll Reap The Rewards

We all know being positive is essential in business, you've got to believe your offering is something people will want. But when it comes to generating business from a website some people, in my view, are expecting too much from the effort they've put in.

Take a moment and use our lead generation calculator to work out how many you need to hit your sales growth target. It shows you, in a very basic way, what it's going to take to generate the leads you need, to generate the income you need, to hit your financial targets. Go on, have a go.

Those Numbers Should Focus Your Mind

The question you now need to answer is how are you going to attract the website traffic you need to generate those leads. Pages of content telling people how great you are won't cut it. Neither will simply telling people about your services, no matter how great they are.

It's also the case that buying traffic through adverts is losing traction as more and more people block adverts. What's a girl to do....?

Nope, to get that traffic you're going to need to understand your target market and their problems and pain points. You'll then need to create fantastic compelling shareable content that solves these problems, answers your prospects questions and shows the world you know your stuff.

Doing this is called inbound marketing and it's at the opposite end of the scale to outbound or interruption marketing.

It's Not Rocket Science, It's Just Simple Maths (or Math)

So, back to the numbers we got from the lead generation calculator. Let's assume you need 100 new customers to hit your growth target and for simplicities sake lets assume you want your website to generate all of them. Let's assume you convert 20% of your enquiries into customers and 1% of the visitors to your website submit an enquiry. With me so far? Well let's recap.

We need 100 new customers.
To get them we need 500 enquiries.
If 1% of the visitors to your site submit an enquiry, we need 50,000 website visitors.

50k visitors over the year is just over 4000 a month. How many visitors are you getting just now?

Attract / Engage / Convert

However simple and raw these numbers might be they're probably not too wide of the mark. Of course, the numbers would improve considerably if the percentage of website visitors you convert into leads was improved. Again this comes down to making your content as laser targeted and remarkable as possible.

So to wind things up take this thought away with you. To get leads you need visitors, to get visitors you need great content and to create great content you need to understand your customers. Get all this right and you'll reap the rewards. Go at it half-heartedly with a poor website and poor content and no matter how much you think it's unfair your website won't attract anyone, let alone potential clients. 



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