Thursday, 29 September 2011

I've Done The Hard Bit and Built A Website, What Now?

It's getting easier for businesses to have a website and there are even companies advertising on prime time TV offering sites for thirty bob. Just select your sector, choose your colour, upload your logo and that's it, you've got a website. It makes me smile every time I see it. Why? Read on!

Creating a website has always been easy for all but the most technically challenged. There's no coding, HTML isn't hard and with point and click services like those mentioned above I bet even an X Factor contestant could figure it out.

The only problem with all this is eh......building a website yourself and expecting it to add some value to your business is a bit like buying a rowing machine and expecting to get fit without actually using it. Sure you'll save money and won't have to hire a professional web development company like us but in all likelihood your site will be admired by about as many people as attend a John Prescott speech writing course, bless him.

Creating a website, even something that looks half decent isn't that hard, making it work for your business is and that's the value you get from working with a professional firm.

By all means have a bash at building your own website but don't forget to look at the thing in the round, and in 12 months time when your site's still not driving customers to your business, consider speaking to someone who makes their living doing it properly.

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