Friday, 9 October 2009

Twenty Quid for a Link!?

I've started frequenting another forum, sad I know but I enjoy helping people to better understand the apparent complexities of web land.

A link building question caught my eye so I clicked in and was quite amused to see someone state that "some SEO companies are charging £20 for one link!" as if that was daylight robbery.

If you are going down the spam route (forum spam, link farms or worse) then £20 might be high, after all it only takes a few seconds to type something like:

"Great post it make sense to me. Buy cheap shite here....."

However, the value of this kind of nonsense is on the wane in my opinion and will continue to be less and less effective as Google piles on the pressure to kill sites using link spam in its ongoing bid to clean up its index.

So what does it really take to establish a worthwhile link?

  1. Exceptional content on your site.
  2. A website owner who sees the value in your content

If you've got number one and you can find number 2 you are in a very good place. If you haven't got number 1 then keep shelling out the twenties because no owner of a quality website is ever going to link to your website if it's third rate.



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