Monday, 18 July 2011

Can Google Make Search Marketing Social?

Search marketing as a specialism is continually being overlook during marketing campaigns. Despite the numerous reports that provide case studies, advice and insights about the wealth of advantages which search marketing can offer it is still being pushed to the outskirts of marketing campaigns by brands. I think this a party due to the fact that many companies do not understand SEO and search marketing so asking them to dedicate time and budget to something like this is naturally resisted against. However this theory would work if it were not for the strength of social media, a channel which is increasingly popular as a marketing tool yet very few companies know how to utilise it to its best or even measure its effectiveness or ROI! Search marketing provides a fantastic support network to other more standard marketing campaign channels such as direct marketing. However as digital marketing grows in popularity, partly thanks to the powerhouse that is social media, could search marketing finally have its value recognised !? This change could also be spurred by Google's foray into social media with the introduction of Google +1 which links the two specialisms to hopefully show the not only the true worth of social media but also the importance of search marketing in a marketing campaign. There is no denying that Google is a formidable force. It has integrated itself into our lifestyles, as has social media, so linking the two not only differentiated itself from other social media sources but could also be the company who can finally make brands see the value of search marketing.


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