Friday, 5 March 2010

Link Pimps Go 'Up Market'

As we grow as an SEO company we have started to attract a better class of link pimp selling their wares. This week yet another large company approached us offering us the 'opportunity' of placing link spam onto the hallowed pages of their website.

Large companies with an extensive web presence, newspaper companies for example, have realised the value not of adverts, banners etc, but of links. The latest offering was for 40 links added to articles in their news pages over a 12 month period for £3000.

Apart from being unethical, what these companies are doing is ensuring only companies with deep pockets can buy the links and benefit from them, assuming they work.

I mentioned in a previous post that we'd nearly succumbed to the charms of a corporate link pimp but thankfully we saw the light before it was too late. Mind you, this ethical stance is expensive, there's good profit to make re-selling this stuff and we're missing out! So Matt Cutts, come on fella, nail these bloody people!



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