Tuesday, 23 March 2010

How Much to be On Page One Please?

There's always a danger that industry insiders can become blasé about what they do and the lack of knowledge people on the outside looking in have got. I hope I'm not being guilty of this when I relate this story.

I got back to the office and Hazel gave me a message. A Mr 'Smith' had phoned and wanted some into about SEO. I called him and was asked to call back in half an hour.

I called back and the guy said "How much is SEO?". I politely asked him what he specifically wanted. "How much does it cost to be on page one of Google?". I started to explain even though I realised I was on a hiding to nothing. The guy stopped me and advised he was actually walking out the door but would call back later.

Here's hoping he doesn't......

I've got all the time in the world for people who are confused about SEO. I'll explain in very simple language what it is, how you do it and how to make a website perform better. In fact that's what we do, free of charge, during an SEO Coffee Break session, we give free seo advice.

Don't be like Mr 'Smith', tap into our expertise and let us help you to get more from your website.



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