Friday, 15 July 2011

Cover The Basics of SEO Before Declaring War on Google

I read a great article this week on how to simplify your SEO efforts. It was good to read that I wasn't the only one suggesting that SEO needn't be quite as complicated as some people want to have you believe.

Shortly after reading the article I carried out an SEO review for a very nice lady whose website wasn't behaving itself. She was convinced activists opposed to her view were possibly Google bombing her site or otherwise sabotaging it or perhaps Google was somehow against her site and as a result not showing it in the search results.

The ensuing SEO coffee break uncovered some simple facts about her site that showed clearly why is wasn't ranking where she thought it should. She wasn't covering even the most basic on page search engine optimisation and the majority of her content consisted of a copied paragraph from an article and a link to the article.

The moral of this story and the purpose of the article I referred to in the first sentence of this post is that there's no point throwing your toys out of the pram and convincing yourself the world is against you when you are not even covering the basics of SEO.

Furthermore, don't use the excuse that SEO is too complicated to understand, that's just rubbish, SEO isn't complicated even though there are people who will try and convince you it is. We explain SEO to our clients in very simple terms because SEO is simple. True it's hard work, but it's not hard as in differential calculus, just hard as in you need to roll your sleeves up and get on with it.

The bottom line is there's enough information in this post and the resources it links to to give you all the info you need to improve your site's SEO. If you want a book on the subject try The Art of SEO but most of all stop imagining your lack of success is down to some kind of conspiracy, Google's software simply isn't that clever.

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