Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Credit Crunch Means it's SEO Time

The credit crunch is going to focus people's minds and many more firms and individuals will be looking for ways to make money and cash in on the online pound (dollar).

If you've got a website you've got a head start but if your website is search engine proof you've got a problem. If you want to stay ahead of the pack make sure your website is ticking the boxes of SEO basics.

Every day we are asked to review websites and every day we see the same issues cropping up. Making a website search engine friendly isn't hard and your developer should be able to make sure your site can be indexed. In essence:

  • Research your market and understand what it searches for
  • Optimise your content armed with this information
  • Create something link worthy, something useful, something that adds value
  • Promote yourself and create some buzz

Now is the the time to make sure your website is as good as it can be!



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