Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Customisation is Central to Success

Customisation and personalisation has always been something which has been essential in successfully engaging with consumers, yet time over time businesses fail to do exactly this and then wonder why their campaigns are not getting the responses they had hoped/targeted for.

There is now no excuse for not customising contact points with your customers due to the sheer fact of the amount of information available to them as a business. One of the key advantages behind the growth in popularity of online retail is this ability to easily personalise these contact points to engage better with your potential customers.

Customisation can take many forms from simply addressing email by the person's name to saving their shopping preferences of recommending other products that they would like based on previous purchase history.

These very simply steps will go a long way in making your consumers online shopping experience more engaging, personal and generally pleasurable. For example, when surveyed 73% of respondents said it was extremely or very important for a website to automatically recall billing and shipping information while 55% said it was extremely or very important for an online retail site to recommend products to them based on what they had previously viewed or bought.

With this in mind there is really no excuse for a business to not be customising their offering to consumers and if they choose not to they will soon find themselves overtaken by their more switched on competitors as well as being relegated to the junk or deleted folders and this consumer engagement trend continues to grow.

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