Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Day 1: Be Prepared

As with anything to do with the festive season being prepared can have a significant impact upon how well your business performs. One of the best ways to kick this off is to look back at how you have performed over the festive period last year, what worked, what didn't? This form of real life information and knowledge is always going to be invaluable in business so keeping notes about campaigns that you do with their associated objectives and actions along with time-scales and dates can slowly help you build a 'bible' of information about procedures and your potential target audience.

However one key thing to remember when doing this is to involve the rest of your team/business. In order to successful break down this form of information and brain storm new campaigns it is essential to have the perspective from a wide range of specialisms from designers to marketing analysis’s. This involvement will not only help you to be more objective in your decision making but they will also help you make a more informed decision and improve team building and communication within the business.

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