Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Day 10: Say Thank You

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and there is no better time than to thank you customers than during the festive period! There are a wide range of ways to say 'Thank You' whether it is cheap and cheerful in a simple personalised email or in the form of a special promotional voucher which is only available to subscribers or is related to a consumers buying behaviour all these little touches can make the world of difference when it comes to maintaining customer loyalty in these hard economic times. However they key problem then becomes how to get your correspondence to be opened instead of instantly being confined to the junk box. This is a very common problem throughout any festive period as consumers are bombarded with promotional messages. So with this in mind some companies are now employing the anti festive promotion. Put simply this is a promotional communication minus the festive message, this could come in a variety forms of shapes and sizes to meet your consumers purchasing habits. These non festive specific promotional messages have seen higher opening rates than festive themed communications over the past few years, often being seen as a nice reprieve. With this in mind these communications can be used to encourage purchasing during the 'New Year Slump' of Jan and Feb while encouraging greater consumer engagement and therefore better data capturing.

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