Thursday, 22 December 2011

Day 11: Look To The Future

The New Year Slump, we have all seen it, where consumer spending drops off dramatically and your store whether virtual or physical becomes a ghost town. So how do you counter the dreaded slump? The most common reaction on the High Street is to have a 'New Year' or 'January Sale' however although this reaction has been proven to work it is also very common and as a result fails to capture the imagination of shoppers. This is where owning an e-commerce store really comes into its own. This is for a number of reasons however the key difference is the ability to be flexible and utilise data to its utmost. As a result this also allows businesses to let their personality and brand values show in the way in which they choose to portray product informations and the type of promotions which they offer. So for example a small and perhaps quirky company or even a large multi-seller platform (such as Amazon or Ebay) may choose to offer 'santas secret swap service' where people who had been gifted items from the site and did not like the gift they received are able to swap the product for either another another product of a similar. These sort of 'after festive period' after sales service can help to encourage future bonds and better brand perception for the year to come. With this in mind the key thing to remember as an online business is to make the most the advantages which having an online business offer to build those future relationships which will bonus the business and its consumers in the long run.

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