Thursday, 8 December 2011

Day 2: Get In The Festive Spirit

This point is particularly for those with e-commerce sites. There are very simple ways in which to help boost consumer spending and that is by getting into the holiday spirit! Whether it is New Year, Easter or in this case Christmas by focussing your marketing campaigns and communications around these events you can generate interest in your brand while encouraging spending. These changes can be as minor as a few tweaks to your sites design and email templates. It has been known for a long time that personalised emails make a significant difference to consumer experience and brand perception however personalisation is much more than just adding a persons name! There is a wide range of personal touches which can be made using information gleaned from a consumers previous shopping data such as featuring products in common price brackets of categories. These small changes plus a tweaked design can have a drastic impact in a consumers propensity to buy when it comes to holiday seasons.

In addition by making small adjustments to your sites structure (along side a supporting email campaign) can make a significant impact on helping to drive consumers around your site. These adjustments can be as simple as adding a menu or new selection/product filtering options for your products. We have all seen these new selections appear around these periods from 'gift ideas', 'gifts for her' and 'gifts for him' to ''gifts under £20','gifts over £50' and so on. These options often accompany the common options such as 'top rated products' which online retailers use to help drive impulse buying and purchasing. In summary whatever you are looking to sell this year whether it is a product or a service there are 2 key things to remember, get personal and get in the holiday spirit in order to make your consumers convert!

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