Friday, 9 December 2011

Day 3: Keep People Up To Date!

The footer is a commonly unused marketing tool of any website or email and in fact is often ignored by many users. However with this said the information that is often featured in the footer can be extremely valuable and with some subtle design work can in fact become another essential call to action point for your site.

Many people assume that for something to be a call to action it must link to a selling page however this is not always the case. In fact a page with simple information such as delivery times, types of gift certificated and wrapping option or any other general help guide can be just as valuable to consumers as a product page. These pages will never carry so much value as during a holiday season where additional 'helpful' information about last shipping dates and gift wrapping options etc available are invaluable to a consumer. So when it comes to engaging with your consumers during this festive season remember to keep them up to date with plenty of useful hints and tips taylored around their shopping style. For example if you are aware a client always selects a gift wrapping option when purchasing a product a perfect tailored email to them about the various gift wrapping options available would be invaluable, therefore helping to improve the chance of repeat custom and well as supporting brand loyalty and a positive brand perception.

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