Monday, 12 December 2011

Day 4: Engage With Your Customers

We are all fully aware that over the festive period our in boxes are bombarded with spam and offers many of which are not personalised even slightly. With this in mind it is no surprise that during this time there is a significant increase in unsubscriber rates and spam complaints. So when you are looking to communicate with your potential consumers this year you have to be careful to not only get lost in with the spam but to also engage your consumers to differentiate your site/brand and generally your products/services from these other spammy communications. There are various ways in which to do this however the key is personalisation, personalisation and some more personalisation. This easy activity is often only utilising the valuable data which you have already gained about a consumer due to their purchase history so there is really no excuse. By appealing to a consumer on a a number of levels from specially tailored offers to personalised messages you can not only make your consumers feel more appreciated but you are also more likely to encourage better click through rates in the same process. In Summary no matter how you choose to communicate with your consumers with festive period make sure that you are actually speaking and writing to THEM and not sending out a generic message.

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