Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Day 6: It Is Never Too Late To Celebrate!

As we get into the middle of December many e-commerce site owners are choosing to tail back on their communications and promotions due to the general impacts of postage and delivery dates etc. However just because a gift may not arrive for Christmas day does not mean to say that you can slack off when it comes to communicating with your consumers. In fact this time is a fantastic marketing opportunity which if utilised correctly can help give your businesses that essential boost and drive traffic and potential purchases towards your site in the typical 'dip' months of January and February. You can do this in a variety of methods but one of the most common is new year promotions of exclusive vouchers/voucher codes.

Yes, there is no denying that postage limitations can have an impact upon your business during this time of year however email is always pretty much instantaneous and so as a company there is now no excuse to not maintain a high level of communication and engagement with your consumers even past the 'last day for post' date. There are various ways of utilising this type of offer from, exclusive offers for the new year (e.g 10% off your next order/10% off your next order in the New Year) to perhaps the option of advanced access to post winter sale items, these offers also do not have to be intangible for example a limited offer of a days early access to sale items could even be made into an online voucher which can then be printed off. Naturally many of these forms of promotions will be focused around consumer retention rather than purchasing of products however the growing popularity of online and printable vouchers means that for the inventive there is still the option to continue a focus on additional 'gift' ideas/purchases.

No matter what you choose to do when the postage deadlines loom the one key thing to remember is to continue to communicate with your consumers, continue to engage and drive consumers to your site throughout the festive period therefore promoting a positive brand perception for the year to come – this investment in time nearly always pays off financially in the long run.

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