Monday, 19 December 2011

Day 9: Remember Everyone Is Not The Same

Segmentation has always been the key to any successful marketing campaign however despite its proven track record many companies continue to fail to make the most out of the consumer data they already possess. Consumer data is very valuable in the marketing industry and the insights which it can offer about a companies client base can be second to non. Reviewing your consumer data year on year will not only help you to track consumer trends and market fluctuations but by doing this it will also allow you to market and communicate with potential buyers more effectively. No matter what industry you are in the market is continually evolving and your businesses ability to evolve and adapt to meet the industries requirements will determine your success. In order to be able to prepare for and predict these market and consumer fluctuations a businesses requires consumer specific data. However when it comes to data collection many companies are left floundering. One of the best times to collect this valuable data is during a festive period when there is a period of mass buying and so mass information exchange. One common usage of this sort of purchasing behaviour data can be seen on large sites like Amazon where we have all seen the 'people who bought this also bought.....' or on the likes of BBC iPlayer and their 'For You' programme suggestion filter. Theses consumer specific filters not only encourage the sharing or more information but also act as a call to action encouraging the user to interact with the site/service more. No matter what sort of service you offer this Christmas period remember that this is the ideal time of year to gather data and prepare for the year to some.

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