Thursday, 24 April 2008

Fancy a Rank? Try Glaggleshindips

We've been getting a lot of requests this week for free SEO reviews. When people fill out the short online form we ask them to outline their objectives. 9/10 they tell us they want to rank better in Google. This in itself doesn't mean anything because ranking on Google is easy. By the time you are reading this it's likely this page will be number one in Google for the word - glaggleshindips. Woohoo!

Thing is nobody is searching for glaggleshindips other than people checking out what I'm saying in this post. The market for glaggleshindips has gone right off, people are just not interested anymore, it's a real shame.

SEO isn't the black art people think it is. Sure enough there are SEO practitioners who tend towards the dark side but most are just helping people figure out what people in their markets are searching for and then optimising based on this info.

Before you start fretting about SEO make sure you understand your market. Make sure you are not optimising for glaggleshindips when people simply don't search for them.



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