Saturday, 19 September 2009

A Generic SEO Review

I recently did a quick and simple SEO review for a guy in South Africa. In essence he wanted to rank on page 1 of Google ZA for the phrase website hosting.

Like many people he is currently languishing on page 13 or 14, his site is fairly new with few quality links. In short he hasn't got a snowball in hells chance of getting onto page 1 any time soon. Here's my response with names changed to protect the innocent.


There are about 514,000 pages in the Google South Africa index with the exact phrase website hosting in their page title element.

There are about 3600 searches a month containing the exact phrase website hosting and to be in the top 3 using Pay Per Click you would have to bid about 85 ZAR per click (about £7).

In short competition is fierce, PPC is expensive and if you add to this the fact that your website domain is fairly new and not well established I'd suggest you look at chasing other key phrases as a page one result for that phrase isn't going to happen any time soon no matter what you do.

There will be many other less popular but nevertheless worthwhile phrases to chase where you might have some luck.

You need to decide what you want to rank in Google for. Once you've established that by carrying out keyword research these short videos will help you to optimise your site.

The Basics of SEO - part 1

The Basics of SEO - part 2

You also need to develop a link strategy, that is you need to get other sites to link to your site. Here's a starter for ten.

Creating a Link Building Strategy

kind regards

Hope this is of some use to others in the same boat.



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