Thursday, 2 June 2011

Going Mobile

As we all jump on the digital train many clients have been left confused by the various forms of legislation and restrictions regarding areas such as digital and mobile marketing. With this in mind ISBA, the advertising authority, have finally launched 2 best-practice guides for digital agencies to guide them through the development of mobile and digital campaigns.

The Mobile Marketing Guide and The Digital Measurement and Analytics. Guide give a break down of the current mobile and digital markets while raising potential issues and areas such as legal considerations and requirements. This has probably come at the best time considering the amount of issues Twitter is currently facing over injunction legislation.

There is no doubt that mobile and digital advertising methods have been successful but there is still a lot of confusion about the best way to measure this success and to track any progress made by the brand. However these new guides clearly set out guidelines for how to measure, useful measurement tools and what to measure. This also includes measuring specific data as well as a breakdown about the type of information required and how best they can utilise and report their findings. So if you are confused, fear not, these guides should answer all your questions.

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