Friday, 13 May 2011

Google #1 100% Guaranteed (Or I'll Show My Arse In Woolies Window)

They say there's one born every minute and in business this is definitely the case, at least when it comes to the web. It seems the world's full of people who firmly believe they can spend thirty bob on a website, put zero effort into the content, offer nothing of value yet still speed up the search rankings faster than a Labour MP can say "it was a global recession and nothing to do with us".

It's time to wise up people, no really, stop wasting your money and suck up a big dose of reality. Even Google tells you not to believe a company who guarantee rankings, read it here. If your website sucks and it's got nothing of interest on it it's not going to rank in the search engines for anything worth ranking for.

Any decent digital agency is going to tell you the same thing, create something that deserves to rank and you stand half a chance - in a global marketplace - of the site adding value to your business. Half baked efforts will always languish in the never never land of search result wannabes.

Sure there are ways to manipulate the search results but isn't it clear that manipulating the life blood of a multi billion dollar business is always going to be a game of cat and mouse that's only ever going to have one winner? Ask J C Penny. Don't know about J C Penny? Read and learn.

If you're serious about the web and believe the web can deliver real value into your business with increased enquiries and sales then think of it as a long term endeavour and strive to create something of real value.

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