Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Google Chrome's Controversial Campaign Makes Waves

Google Chrome's latest campaign has been found to be in breech with Googles own guidelines regarding paid ad sponsored links. The campaign which paid bloggers from Unruly Media, a video sharing network, to promote videos for the Google Chrome Browser resulted in posts which failed to have the compulsory no follow tag. This was itself in breech of Googles paid links guidelines. However on top of this many of the articles were badly written which in themselves is against the Google Panda update (which Google produced last year to punish low quality sites) There is no calls being made to make these guidelines clearer regarding who's responsibility is it when it comes not only to the quality of the article content but the setting of the link as a 'no follow'. As things currently stand these points are open to interpretation and can be argued either way which as a result means that Google has the opportunity to vary the punishments they impose depending on how they interoperate the situation.

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