Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Website Specifications Are Sometimes Doomed From The Start

I've had some feedback that my posts are sometimes, well, a bit harsh, or if you're from the West Country, a bit arsh. They are, believe it or not, intended to help and more than a little tongue in cheek. You may, after reading this expect that a call to us would be taken by an angry man who might shout at you, that's not the case :)

So, read on with that in mind and whatever you do if you're not sure what you need from the web call us for a chat coz we'll help you figure it out, it's what we so and we love doing it.

We've been getting a lot of half baked website specifications recently. In essence some lazy 'management consultant' has put together something based on their little knowledge (is a dangerous thing) leaving web devs like us to fill in the gaps free of charge (didn't you know, we love giving away our hard won expertise for free).

I've also been getting some stuff through from a so called tender site, a site where people whose ideas are not even half baked, in fact they haven't even bought the ingredients. Some of these are really funny (which is why I haven't un-subscribed from the site). Literally "We need a website like Topshop to sell our clothes, people must be able to pay on-line, our budget is £500."

Now, in case anyone's missed it, we're in a recession. Every £ (or $) wasted is an opportunity for recovery lost so although I'm making light of these piss poor website specifications, it's actually a serious business. Entrusting clueless meddling people with this important stuff will see the hard times keep rolling on. There's a wealth of talent out there for companies to tap into (for a fee), people who can step back from a business, look at what they are trying to achieve and provide advice that will make a difference. People who can help businesses develop a website strategy for growth.

There's half a chance some of the people I'm talking about will read this and no doubt it'll offend them. There will be cries of "I've got an MBA!". Well frankly I'm past caring, my name's Dave and I'm a web expert, there I've said it, I've taken the first step in purging the world of chancers and high fee charging useless people who just don't get it.


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