Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Want To Know How Not To Use Social Media? Ask M&J Seafood

I was driving back to our office in Aboyne last week when I was tailgated and overtaken by a van. The van belonged to a company called M&J Seafood, I know this because their lovely brand was written all over it. The van's registration was WR61 FSJ and the incident took place at 13:38 on the B976, I know, what a geek.

The road has a speed LIMIT of 60mph, that's not the target speed, it's the maximum speed, and I was travelling at 60mph. It was raining and the road surface was wet. Despite this the van overtook me, close to a corner, and was patently driving in excess of the speed limit. A short distance later the van entered the village of Strachan and despite one of these flashing signs telling the guy he was speeding, he ploughed on regardless. All in all disgraceful and dangerous driving not to mention illegal.

I decided to look up the company's website and saw they had a twitter account so instead of calling them I tweeted the following. "@mjseafood Please speak to whoever was driving WR61 FSJ on 18th May. Very dangerous driving, tailgating, speeding, dangerous overtaking."

A short while later I got a reply saying "Please follow us so we can DM you". I thought, that's fine, they want some more detail so they can have a quiet word with their driver before he kills someone. Alas I was wrong. When I followed them I got an automatic reply saying thanks for following us, welcome aboard!

All in all this is total #fail in my view. Not only is their driver trashing their brand by driving like an idiot, their social media team seem less than switched on. Time for a rethink at M&J Seafood.

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