Saturday, 5 December 2015

How to Start Writing a Blog Post


When I talk to people about blogging (and I do, quite often!) the comment I hear most frequently is, "But I can't get started!" To help, here are a few tips that I have used over the years to help me confront that blank screen and start writing.

What's it all about?

The first thing you need to decide is what your blog post is about, the general subject matter. Think about your readers and what they need to know. Remind yourself of this on a regular basis when you are writing, as it is very easy to wander off track.

Gather your thoughts

Remember what you were taught at school and plan the beginning, the middle and the end. Jot down the main ideas that you want to cover and make sure that you include them all as you write.

Just do it!

Start writing. Anywhere. Ideally in the middle. Or anywhere you like. The important thing is to start writing. Explain all the ideas you noted earlier. Then move them around until they make sense. Write the conclusion then go back and write the introduction if you haven't already done so. 


Make it as easy as possible for your audience to read. Write in short sentences and avoid jargon or incomprehensible, fancy words. Break up the content with headings and use bullet points to clarify lists. Images help too.

Snappy Title

If possible, research the most used keywords on your topic and use them in your title, while still keeping the title interesting enough to entice your readers.

Now you have no excuses. Start writing. Go on, off you go!

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