Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Link Spam is Internet Cancer

Not for the frst time I find myself challenged by link spam. As link building guru Eric Ward puts it, "The frenzy for link building today must be like what I imagine the gold rush was like in the 1800's."

I'm bombarded daily by emails from link pedlars, some with good intentions, most selling crap, and it's occurred to me that links are like a cancer devouring the Internet, clogging up the digital highways and corrupting the SERPs.

It was always going to be thus, as soon as Google announced a merit based search engine where merit is measured, for the most part, by being cited by other pages you're on a hiding to nothing.

Most site owners now understand the value of links and are suspicious of link requests which only serves to feed the link spam industry, especially when Google continues to inadvertently reward sites that buy link spam.

For our part we are still flat refusing to play the game but I fear we are suffering financially because of it. Why would people pay us to try and secure real links when they can simply buy spammy links that work and virtually guarantee results.

Just like 95% of email is SPAM I wonder what percentage of websites are simply link farms and managed spam pages?

RIP the Internet.



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