Sunday, 18 November 2007

It's a wet night in Barrow...

Walking through my home town just before close of business last Saturday I walked past a small record shop situated down a quiet side street. A quick glance through the shop window saw a lady looking forlornly towards the door in the vein hope of a customer at the 11th hour.

It got me to thinking about all the sad lonely websites that gaze into cyberspace hoping for a visitor or two, many of them carrying the dreams of their owners in their lines of HTML.

If the lady who owns the shop could, she'd move to a better location where passing trade could make the difference and increase her profits - or create some! However, without a significant budget and the commitment to a long lease she can't but owners of websites are not in this predicament.

Carrying out SEO yourself or paying a company to do it for you can dramatically increase targeted traffic to your site without costing a fortune. If you own a website that requires visits to make money you have to carry out SEO. It's that simple.



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