Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Link Desperation

We all know how important links are. Google uses links in part to measure the importance of your site and link building is a common topic of discussion in business forums.

However, the scramble for links means that anything that resembles a linking opportunity is being used and abused, down grading the resource in the process.

Take our seed keywords engine for example. It's a simple system for looking for keywords. Increasingly we are seeing link spam being entered into the system even though no part of the system creates links to people's websites.

Google is supposedly working hard to discount spammy links, it's slow job because of the volume of crap out there but my view is they will get there. This means link building effort would be better spent on looking for and securing quality links from quality sites that add value to your content and the users experience.

If a link is out of context it's probably, ultimately, not going to do you any good.



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