Monday, 9 November 2009

Link SPAM, Should You Just Join In?

A subject that keeps coming up when we carry out FREE SEO Reviews or SEO Coffee Break sessions is that of buying links. Google's pretty clear on this and the bottom line is, if you buy links to boost your site's rankings you run the risk of getting banned from the index.

But is this the only reason not to buy links, after all Google is missing plenty of paid links and the sites who have bought them are doing very nicely thanks. I suppose it boils down to two things:

  1. Will I get caught or am I comfortable doing it?
  2. Will the results last?

Well we don't do it and it's because of 1 & 2. With a Pagerank 7 homepage we could do very nicely selling a few links, perhaps I could buy a new car with the proceeds, I certainly would like one. But no, it's wrong and we don't do it.

In a world where cheating seems to be almost acceptable from the top of sport to the bottom of politics and everything in between I'd like to think the Internet could become one of the last bastions of meritocracy. Naive though this is it's what I believe and for that reason I play by the rules.

But what of point 2? Well, I've been watching a few sites that rank very well for some heavy duty search phrases and they do this on the back of some really spammy links. One I can think of hasn't budged for about 2 years! They probably wouldn't care if they lost their rank now, they've made their money anyway.

But if your business is around for the duration I'd advise building it on bedrock not sand. It's just a hunch, I may well be wrong, I may well be a naive dreamer.



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