Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Link Trust, Link Distance, Link Soup

Let's face it, getting good links is hard and most people settle for getting lots of rubbish links instead. The problem is, I think it's hard to consider linking without also giving some thought to the boys in building 43. I'm with Mr Godin all the way on this one. I also think Rand Fishkin has nailed it with this Friday Whiteboard session on how we should think about links and the whole trust as a ranking factor debate.

It makes sense to me to call a time out with your linking campaign to consider how much of your precious time you are spending securing frankly rubbish links. How much time are you wasting commenting on rubbish blogs that are no following your links anyway? In short, how much time, that you could be spending creating great content that people will want to link to, are you spending chasing rubbish links?

Here's a hint. If you want rubbish links there are hundreds of companies who will get them for you for a few hundred bucks, don't waste your time getting them. Spend your time making your website the best it could possibly be and give people who find you in the search engines what they want and need.

It's a point of view.



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