Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Make Your Links Appear Natural? For Fox Ache!!

As the link building industry continues to disappear up it's own arse spammers are becoming ever more tiresome. The latest thing is to offer services that make your links appear natural. This is like the saying that when it comes to sales, sincerity is the best approach, once you learn to fake that you've got it made.

I know link building is hard but ask yourself why it's hard. It's hard because your website is rubbish. If your content is rubbish or simply copied from somewhere else other sites won't link to it. If you've got nothing original to say people won't listen and link to you to share your insights with others. If your site doesn't offer a funky widget that actually helps people do something or in some other way intrigues people they won't share it with others.

People will however share good content with others. Here's a simple example. Google the phrase day rates or if you are lazy click here and it will be done for you. The result shows a well known web development company ranking at number one for this phrase. Why would a web development company rank number one for a search about day rates? Surely you would expect an HR or recruitment company to be number 1 in Google for a search relating to salary and day rates?

The answer's simple, we picked up on the fact that day rates were contentious so we decided to give some info about our take on them. We wrote the article and that was that.

Currently the piece has 40 links and a PR of 4. The links have all come in naturally and we haven't done any link building on the page. No forum spam, no blog spam, no purchased link farm spam no social spamming nothing, just good content people wanted or needed.

I know it's not a popular point of view because it requires hard work and the application of some grey matter but it's a simple fact that if you create something people need the links will come in and instead of looking natural they will actually be natural.

It's a point of view.



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