Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Mobile Cash Machine

The mobile sector is booming when it comes to the marketing industry. This is because it has proven itself to be an excellent communication platform in recent months. As a result many companies are scrambling to catch up with this growing trend as tech and digital companies produce increasingly clever apps and add ons for the growing market which is of course, Smart Phones.

Whether it is mobile payment or money management apps, the mobile industry has been given the nod of trust with companies such as Barclays, Orange and O2 introducing payment and marketing schemes such as Oranges Quick Tap. There is no doubt that the industry has initially been limited by a company infatuation with 'being mobile'. However with the introduction of Google Wallet and the growth of popularity in NFC (near-fields technology) this could all soon be a thing of the past. Should this all pay off it could be a great boost for marketers and businesses alike.

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