Monday, 28 April 2008

New FREE Keyword Tool - With a Twist

Keyword tools are superb. I use them and love them. Sometimes however just creating a list of seed keywords can be a challenge, especially if you are too close to the subject or company. With the phenomenon of social networking it seemed plausible that my various networks of contacts might be able to help. So I created a tool to do just that.

Enter This new simple, free tool lets you pose a question such as "You are thinking about buying a new car. What would you search for". The system creates a unique URL for this question for you to send to your network of contacts. You can use email, forums, Twitter, Facebook etc to provide them with the link and ask them to carry out a search - in exactly the same way they would on a search engine. As your contacts carry out a search, a list is built showing the search terms they used.

With SeedKeywords you can quickly build a diverse seed keyword list and although I'm not suggesting you should optimise for these terms it's a great way to start your keyword research using the well established tools. That said several people have reported discovering keywords that are generating traffic!

It's early days but already I'm thinking this tool could be useful for optimising for specific socio economic groups and possibly for local search as local habits might be poles apart from what the data in the large keyword tools is suggesting, or not, who really knows.



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