Thursday, 27 March 2008

No wonder people are confused about SEO!

One of the things about SEO we can state with confidence is, confusion and misinformation is rife. Seldom is this more clearly demonstrated than when talking to potential or existing clients. This was brought home today when one of our SEO's called me in a panic.

She was with a client for a review of their site. The purpose of the meeting was to plan the next phase of work and establish business objectives. However the meeting was hijacked by the companies finance director. I can't quote his exact words but paraphrasing it went something like this.

"A friend of mine who knows what he's talking about and whose opinion I value has told us our website SEO is all wrong. The meta tags should be the same on all pages and be crammed with keywords. Why are you not doing this? This guy knows what he's talking about because he did the website for 'NAME CHANGED TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT' and if you type 'NAME CHANGED TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT' into Google they are No.1!"

I could go on but I'm sure you get the drift of where this conversation went. What do you say? How can you tell the finance director of a valued client, his trusted friend, and I might add proprietor of a web design company, is an idiot? We found ourselves in the position of having to explain ourselves to our client who was basing his criticism on misinformation, very frustrating.

Suffice to say we opted for pointing out in very polite terms why the information was wrong and carried out a quick critique of the so called exemplar site, Flash landing page and all.

We are happy to state that we are learning and developing as SEO's every day. We are passionate about SEO and enjoy the challenge. The problem with SEO is there are still so many people who make statements of so called facts that have no basis in truth. Perhaps SEO is simply a reflection of life in general.



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