Thursday, 25 September 2008

See It Like Google

This post is really only for the SEO newbie, SEO magicians can safely ignore it.......or can they?

I was helping some people in a forum recently and the tone of the conversation was something like "I've built a website but Google still doesn't show my site when people search for blah blah blah..."

I took a quick look at the site and found:

  1. The domain was only a few months old
  2. The quality of the links to the site were poor
  3. The on page optimisation was poor

I suggested to the guy that he flip this situation on it's head and tried to see things Google's way. This might help you if you are experiencing the same thing.

OK, you are Google........feel good? If not log in to your bank account and check that balance! Now do you feel good?

You are sat enjoying the Seattle sunshine when a search request comes in. Someone's looking for a financial adviser in Reading. Would you:

  1. Serve a page you trust from a website that's been around for a few years that other sites rate as being worth reading?
  2. Serve up a page from a new website with no authority or longevity?

Most likely you'd serve up pages that matched answer 1. Why? Think about how you operate in business. If you are switched on you will network with other business people. Over time you will build relationships with other businesses operating in different areas of expertise to your own.

If someone asked you to recommend a financial adviser would you:

  1. Suggest they speak to 'John Smith' who you've met, whose offices you've visited, who's been in business for 10 years and who's used by people you know and trust?
  2. Jonny Newboy who has just set up in business, who you've never met and who you know nothing about?

As the people at NASA don't say, it's not rocket science.



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