Sunday, 2 May 2010

SEO's a Bit Like Weight Loss

There's a multi million pound industry that's built up around self delusion, the weight loss industry. Why self delusion? Well simple really, eating less cake plus moderate exercise is pretty much all most people need to do to lose weight or stay slim.

However, this seems beyond the reach of many people, old and young, so a whole industry has built up to help people control their weight. Special food, special treatments, detox this, crash diet that. It's mostly a load of bullshit and my less cakes plus moderate exercise formula is all you really need.

So what of SEO? Well in much the same way as fatties all over the world are being ripped off so companies are similarly being relieved of cash under false pretences. There are a dazzling array of get ranked quick schemes being offered by a dazzling array of snake oil salesmen but if you fall for one you only have your self to blame, just like people who eat too many pies paying for magic fat shedding remedies.

Wise up, stop looking for short cuts and get your metaphorical trainers on.



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