Friday, 19 June 2009

For Fox Ache Cover the SEO Basics!

We are lucky enough to receive many requests for SEO reviews. Sadly, and with monotonous regularity, we are asked to review sites that simply don't cover the basics.

Perhaps it's because the web industry is awash with so called web experts who simply don't understand even the most elementary rules of creating search friendly web pages. What's even sadder is the fact that covering the basics is so easy.

There are many posts dealing with SEO basics in this blog and several easy to follow SEO check lists. However in the interests of helping you to make sure your site has a chance of ranking here goes again.

  1. Make sure ALL pages have a unique title element that describes the content of the page.If you don't do this search engines find it difficult to 'understand' what your page is about. Creating good page title elements is one of the first things an SEO would do so don't take any short cuts with them. Research your market, understand the keywords it uses and incorporate these keywords in your page title's making sure the title reads naturally.All pages should have a unique, carefully c0nsidered title element. If you don't get this right it's like writing a great book but leaving the cover plain and white with no clue about its contents.HINT - 70 characters is plenty long enough in my view.
  2. Write compelling meta description elements for each page.Think of these as a short overview of the page's content. Make them compelling so if people see them in a search result they click the link to your website. It makes sense to use keywords but don't just write a string of keywords, make them read naturally.HINT - 150 characters is plenty long enough
  3. Use your HTML headers correctly. Save the H1 element for the main title of your page and use other H elements for sub titles and sub sub titles.Perhaps assume the person reading the page doesn't speak your language but needs to extract the important key information.

There, three VERY basic things you can do to help your site perform better. If you are about to commision a site make sure your developer guarantees you can edit and control these KEY SEO elements.



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